Nuclear engineering

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The nuclear power station at Bugey, which has stood on the banks of the Rhône 35 km from Lyon since 1972 with its four 900 MWatt reactors, produces 40% of the electricity consumed in the Rhône-Alpes area. The maintenance department services the 4 sections and has selected Picot for production of the sheet metalwork needed to keep the plant maintained

 Rolling machine RCS 150-15
> Products Sheet metal parts
> Requirements  Reliability, versatility

Benefits :
The entire range can be used for maintenance work on the nuclear power plant.
The customer likes the versatility of the machines and the ease of use. The maintenance of the rollers is also almost nil.
Another important benefit in this application is cone making. With the integrated cone series in all our machines 3 or 4 rollers, there is no compromise to make.
Nuclear engineering