Picot supports the car racing team SC Corsa

Picot supports the car racing team
SC Corsa for the year 2017

of the Lotus Cup Europe

Performances, in paths …
Requirements which make us closer.

SC CORSA is a car racing team who has her own cars. Her aim is not only to win in track motor races. but also to share the closed environment of the competition and her passion for the automobile of sport, prestige and collection with the largest audience.

> Website : www.sc-corsa.com
> Video of the presentation of the car racing team : clic here
> Calendar 2017 Lotus  clic here


This support is in favor of the organ donation

Our passion of car racing is quite a good metaphor of this international cause. Endurance or sprint race on tracks is really a race against time as for organ transplantation.

Organ donation is a major public health problem : 

More than 20 000 patients waiting for transplant in France in 2015. 
553 persons died in 2015 because of the lack of organ donators. 
In Europe, 4 000 patients die per year of a lack of organs transplantation

Organ donation has been at the heart of the concerns for a few months and the evolution of the regulation in 2016 motivates us to communicate about it more than ever.

Let us not forget that the new French law indicates that we are all donators of organs or tissues except if we mentioned during our lifetime that we refuse to be taken.

The SC CORSA team competes in several championships in France and Europe,
There are no boundaries to live one’s passion. Let’s do the same for organ donation.