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Bending and prebending machines

AMB PICOT has 150 years of expertise in the design and manufacture of plate bending machines.

Over the years, AMB Picot has enriched its range to adapt to its customers’ technical requirements, manufacturing two-, three- and four-roller bending machines.

All of its plate bending machines can be equipped with numerical control systems that give operators the power to perform very precise bending.

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ELECTRICAL machines range Bending and prebending machines

  • -80% reduction in consumption
  • Accurate to 1/100th
  • Clean and quiet
  • Simplified maintenance
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With Easyroll I didn't take 1 step forward, I took 1000!
M. Ballon - MB Technique R3h170-20@2022)

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Picot engineers have developed an innovative software, a real GPS dedicated for roll bending

Increase your versatility and get the roll bending results you want faster!


With its ergonomic, user-friendly HMI, easyroll® integrates driving and technological innovations into intelligent, predictive, learning and adaptable digital assistance software.

Discover our range of control peripherals designed to meet your needs. Hover over the image to find out more about the selected console...

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  • Easyroll rolling assistant
  • Smart material database
  • Calculation of springback
  • Cone rolling assistant
  • Assisted design & .DXF
  • Automatic correction with AIR mode (Artificial Intelligence for Rollbending machines)

Our consoles are designed for plug & play operation: no action required on your machine.


  • Same comfort + NC learning

  • Excellent repeatability of bending by process duplication (high-volume production).

  • Memory capacity: 500 5-steps programs

  • USB key (to back up programs and settings)

Our consoles are designed for plug & play operation: no action required on your machine.


  • Optimum control of all roller movements (roller movement actuated by progressive flow electrohydraulic valves)

  • Controls located on a mobile console (so the operator can move around the machine).


  • Movements controlled directly by manually-operated progressive flow hydraulic valves
  • Controls located on the right-hand side of the frame on the end of the machine (excellent visual monitoring)
AMB Picot - French manufacturer specialists in roll bending

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