RCE type symmetrical 3-roll hydraulic bending and prebending machines Precision and prebending 
Precision and prebending

> Fine metal sheet
> Realization of cones

3 roll bending machine RCE type

> Hydraulic 3 roll bending machines
> 3 driven rolls – No lamination
> Large space between rolls
> Rolls synchronised in speed and position
> Prebending of edges without turning the sheet over – Minimum residual flat edges
> Easy cone rolling – Calibration
> No pit
> No need to turn sheet over for prebending

RCE model is a 3 rolls driven symmetrical hydraulic roll bending machine with integrated pre-bending. It has been developed less than a decade to meet the expectations from sheet iron manufacturers to work the thin metal sheets.

It is also the preferred machine to train operators at schools and training centers. It is an almost completely substitute of the asymmetrical 3 rolls roll bending machine. As a matter of fact it permits, thanks to its low dimensions and its hydraulic power, to work all material (Steel, Stainless steel, aluminium) of slight thickness (up to 3 to 4 mm) without damaging them and very easily.


This 3 roll bending machine also brings a quite particular ease for the realization of cones. 80% of the RCE models are sold with CNC Touch-screen configuration equipped with our patent Easyroll.

A few examples of specific applications of the RCE 3 roll bending machine:

> Body of ventilators with evolutionary beam
> Decorating parts such as furniture, equipment of scene, electric charging terminals,…
> Maintenance workshop
> Training center…


A moderate investment

RCE model is a polyvalent machine. Its installation is « Plug & Play » and its maintenance almost equal to zero.
Our commercial support is available to assist you in your new projects.
This model is also very demanded as second-hand machine, thus a high quotation.

100% hydraulic
Symmetrical bending without turning the sheet over
Bending without lamination
Thin sheet metal (0-3 mm)
High thickness (> 30 mm)
Cone rolling
Profile bending
* hydraulic machines introduced: machines with 3 symmetrical rollers, dual prebending and 4 rollers for high-thickness sheet metal.

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