R4C type symmetrical 4-roll hydraulic bending and prebending machines
The convenience of a 4-roll bending machine with the flexibility of a 3 roller rolling machine.

The 4 roller bending machine R4C is recommended for :

> thick metal sheets
> cone rolling


> Hydraulic rolling machines4 driven rolls
> Rolls synchronised in speed and position
> Prebending of edges without turning the sheet over – Minimum residual flat edges
> Easy cone rolling – Calibration
> Retractable and pressure-adjustable pinch roll
> Hydraulic opening head
> No pit
> Suitable for high thicknesses

R4C model is a four rolls driven symmetrical hydraulic roll bending machine with integrated pre-bending.

It is very often sold on the market because of its ease of use and its repeatability for the big serial parts.

Amb Picot chose to offer 4 rolls bending machines only on a very efficient version for the customers who are looking for an effective and very reliable machine. Thus the standard R4C rolling machine model is equipped with 4 driven rolls. The lower rolls are channel-mounted to limit the wear and ensure a maximum efficiency. It can also be used as a 3 rolls machine (pinching roll in low position) for the realization of cones or of accurate parts.

Its CNC Touch-screen numerical control makes it more user-friendly. Thus, you can calibrate your different materials for an always more controlled and quicker rolling.

A shape assistant of pre-registered parts is also available.


A few examples of specific applications of the R4C sheet bending machine

> Big metal sheets workshops and heavy thicknesses
> Realization of wind turbines towers
> All type of tanks, particularly with multiple rays shapes

A controlled investment:

R4C rolling model is a machine without particular maintenance and with an exceptional durability. As the other machines of the range, its installation is easy (Plug & Play). If needed, its delivery is provided with training in Picot’s factory or in your premises.

100% hydraulic
Symmetrical bending without turning the sheet over
Bending without lamination
Thin sheet metal (0-3 mm)
High thickness (> 30 mm)
Cone rolling
Profile bending
* hydraulic machines introduced: machines with 3 symmetrical rollers, dual prebending and 4 rollers for high-thickness sheet metal.

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