The uncompromising four-roller plate bending machine

4 Roll Bending Machine R4c


Safety, enhanced productivity

Standard configuration

  • Movements controlled directly by manually-operated progressive flow hydraulic valves
  • Controls located on the right-hand side of the frame on the end of the machine (excellent visual monitoring)

Comfort configuration

  • Optimum control of all bending machine movements (roller movement actuated by progressive flow hydraulic valves)

  • Controls located on a mobile console (so the operator can move around the machine).

Comfort+ configuration

  • Same as for Comfort + NC learning

  • Excellent repeatability of bending by process duplication (high-volume production).

  • Memory capacity: 500 programs of 50 steps

  • USB key (to back up programs and settings)

Advanced R4C configuration

  • Same for COMFORT + NC touchscreen
  • User-friendly and optimum ergonomics with the 18-inch touchscreen
  • Excellent repeatability of bending
  • Memory capacity: 1000 hundred-step programs, USB key.

EasyRoll RCE RCS configuration

  • EasyRoll bending assistant (RCE+RCS)
  • Smart material database
  • Calculation of springback
  • Cone rolling assistant
  • Assisted design & .DXF
  • Assisted prebending

Safety zone

  • The safety zone around the machine is monitored by laser scanners
  • Mandatory when using the machine in automatic (NC) mode.

Plug & play

  • Thanks to the Plug and Play connection system, there is no need to return the machine to the factory. The control console can easily be changed remotely.

Easy upgrade solution

  • Option to upgrade from a standard control system with digital display to a learning control system or touchscreen control with EasyRoll (for machines equipped with electronic control only).

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