Training centre

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The sixty or so CFAIs (Industry Apprentice Training Centres) found in France train between 25,000 and 30,000 young apprentices per year for Industry.
They support them through to the receipt of their diplomas, working alongside the host company.

> Bending machine : Short length RCE
> Requirements  : compact machine, ease of use, very safe environment, representative of requirements in sheet metalwork industry

Benefits :
The new technology of 3-roll symmetrical rollers type RCS and RCE takes an increasingly important place in the investments of training centers, especially CFAIs.
In fact they reflect the demands of sheet metal workers and boilermakers so the apprentice finds himself with experience on a technology that is becoming perhaps the reference on the market.
Picot machines allow mastery of all profiles and cones thanks to their pre-integrated functions.
Training centre