Subcontracting – Bending specialist

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Many subcontractors in the sheet metalwork/boilermaking industry are equipped with PICOT bending machines which they appreciate for their universal applications, reliability and precision. Among them is Barou Equipements, who manufacture handling accessories for forklift trucks and steel parts, and Chaudronnerie Brilla, who specialise in sheet metalwork, pipework and machine welding, experts in bending sheet metals of all sizes, from prototype to series production.

Bending machine type RCS all models
> Products Handling accessories / Sheet metalwork
> Requirements Prebending, performance, reliability, broad spectrum of uses

Benefits :
The versatility and performance of a rolling machine is important in outsourcing. Our machines offer a very interesting potential: Wide passage between the rollers, cone rolling in series on all products, superior performance in crunching, all motorized rollers and especially no rolling because no nip between the rollers.
Machine maintenance is almost nil and the service life often exceeds 25-30 years.
Thanks to the latest patented EasyRoll digital control, you get the first good part without correction.
Subcontracting – Bending specialist