Roll bending machine for corrugated iron sheets

Machine utilisée :

Still in order to meet his customers’ needs, PICOT struck a partnership with the company LISSE, French manufacturer of special tools, for the production of roll bending machines for corrugated iron sheets.

Drawing on his long experience in designing and manufacturing roll bending machines, PICOT has adapted the know-how of Lisse regarding the profile of rolls to its hydraulic machines and proposes now special roll bending machines able to roll this type of sheets.

The four rolls of the machines are machined according to the profile of the wave.

Benefits :
The 4-rolls  bending machine for corrugated sheet application allows the rolling of thin and thicker sheets (up to 6mm) for multiple applications:
Silos, agricultural dryers, conveyor protection, …
The sheet can be previously perforated or not, all shapes are possible: ferrules, ellipses, multi-rays, round squares …

Company Petrus, in the North of France, is the first who invested in this type of roll bending machines with a machine able to roll 3 mm x 1500 mm. This machine is equipped with the PICOT’s Touch-screen numerical control.

The company PETRUS, the specialist of profiled corrugated irons sheets, is manufacturer of ventilation systems for agricultural products, conveyors covers, inside metal silos for storage, aboveground metallic water storages for various use (rainwater collection, decontamination…) and roofing sheets.

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Roll bending machine for corrugated iron sheets