Corrugated sheet metal bending machine

Machine utilisée :

Constantly striving to provide the best possible response to customer requirements, PICOT works with LISSE (a manufacturer of special machines in the Nord department of France) to manufacture bending machines for corrugated sheet metal.

Applying its expertise in bending, Picot adapted Lisse’s experience on the profile of the rollers to its hydraulic machines and now offers special bending machines capable of bending this type of sheet metal.

The four rollers are machined according to the profile of the corrugation.

The four-roller bending machine for corrugated sheet metal bends thin sheets and thicker ones (up to 6 mm) for many different applications:
Silos, agricultural driers, conveyor protection, etc.
Sheets may or may not be pre-perforated, and any shape is possible: ferrules, ellipses, multi-radius, rounded squares, etc.

Petrus is located in Bancourt and is the first company to have invested in this type of bending machine, for a machine capable of bending 3 mm x 1500 mm.

This machine is equipped with the PICOT numerical touchscreen control system.

PETRUS, the specialist in bent corrugated sheet metal , manufactures ventilation systems for agricultural products, conveyor covers, indoor metal storage silos, above-ground metal water tanks for various applications (rainwater collection, fire protection, remediation, etc.), and roofing sheets.


Corrugated sheet metal bending machine