Equipment – Buckets

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ACB designs, manufactures and sells machine-welded equipment for public works machinery (mini diggers, tractor diggers, hydraulic excavators).
It was the first to form buckets on bending machines with Picot in the 1970s.

Length 3 m
Thickness 10 mm

 Bending and prebending machine RCS 235 to 350-60 Electronic console + NC
> Products Buckets
> Requirements Prebending, performance, reliability

Benefits :
The symmetrical hydraulic rollers Picot were the first to realize the buckets in series replacing the traditional Press.
This represents for our customers a very important productivity gain.
The machines are often very stressed, especially with the use of high-strength sheet metal. However, our customers can count on process repeatability thanks to the 0.2mm positioning of the rollers.
We also develop digital controls for ease of programming. Thus on the new CNC Easyroll takes into account the elastic return in the program and allows programming by learning, by drawing the profile or pre-recorded form or by using a file .DXF or .CSV.
Equipment – Buckets
Equipment – Buckets