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3 rolls or 3+1… so many possibilities to choose.
Discover why Picot roll bending machines have such a reputation.

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Anatomy of a Picot roll bending machine


Plate roll Bending Machine Supplier

One geared motor per series roll.
We have been fitting our plate roll bending machines with Danfoss motors for more than 35 years. Rotation of the rolls is synchronised in the factory by a hydraulic device which prevents any variation over time.

Advantages: maximum torque, optimum performance, speed synchronisation, reliability.



Roll Plate Bending Machines, 3 roll bending machine, 4 roll bending machine

The most appropriate technology for plate roll bending machines because of its lack of friction and its performance in all operating modes: cylindrical and conical bending.

A strategic choice too for optimal prebending on the 3 plate roll bending machines and 4 plate roll machines bending machines.

Advantages: maximum performance from the hydraulic pressure, no wear.



Bending Machine Supplier, 3 roll bending machine, 4 roll bending machine

All our plate roll bending machines are equipped with roll position and rotation control with proportional adjustment.
From a standard machine with manual control to one with Danfoss proportional valves, roll bending quality is assured through progressive and high-precision movements. The valves fitted to our machines have been specially designed to Picot’s own specifications and developed with Danfoss.

Advantages: progressive movement, quality of sensitive areas, ergonomically designed for the operator.



> Hydraulic adjustment (Hydraulic valves on standard machines)

> Numerical control of each cylinder to ensure perfect alignment throughout the roll bending machine’s service life. Cone rolling is controlled by those same devices. Position control and measurement are provided by absolute linear scales: no need for calibration on start-up and confidence that the part will be held in place even after an emergency stop or power outage. The coupled lever simplifies movement and controls the synchronisation between prebend rolls with a single hand.

Advantages: manufacturing process efficiency, precision of movement, ergonomically designed for the operator.



Roll Plate Bending Machine Supplier

All our roll plate bending machines are fitted with bronze bearings which will withstand heavy loads during the roll bending phases.
This technology is unrivalled both in terms of capacity and of longevity..
Lubrication is centralised and requires no maintenance.



Rolls are made from high quality steel with selected, traceable characteristics.

> Made-to-measure dishing
> Polished finish to guarantee no marks, even in very sensitive materials.
> Induction hardened: hardness of 50-60 HRC.

Advantage : made-to-measure production for our roll plate bending machines



Roll Bending Machine Accessories, 3 roll bending machine, 4 roll plate bending machine

Control of the safety area around the roll bending machine.
Required for using the machine in automatic mode (NC).

Benefit: optimal security.

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Control your roll bending machine using one of our four control systems.

Advantage: optimum handling

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