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AMB PICOT advantages

  • 100% hydraulic roll bending machine type RCS dedicated to the rolling of aluminium or specific metal sheets.
  • No laminating with our 3 powered rolls technology.
  • Wide distance between rolls.
  • Perfect pre-bending of both edges without returning the metal sheet.

AMB Picot's know-how meets all technical requirements and business sectors.

The company is as the cutting edge of innovation to satisfy the needs of its customers in the field of aeronautics.

It has adapted its processes and roll bending machines to the requirements of manufacturers such as Airbus and their many subcontractors.

This efficient tool altogether with your experience gives the to-day’s Aeronautics new opportunities !

They trust us

Our achievements in Aeronautics

AMB PICOT offers you its models RCS specially adapted
to the rolling of metal sheets for Aeronautics. This roll bending machine, 100% hydraulic, is offered in several types :
standard, with control desk, with numerical control or with numerical control and rolling assistant Easyroll.

Thanks to the electronic positioning of the rolls, it gives you a very precise job.

3 Roll Plate Bending Machine

Standard equipment

  • Rolls powered by independent hydraulic motors.
  • Digital displays for controlling the position of prebending rolls.
  • Tilting device for prebending rolls.
  • Automatic and hydraulic synchronisation of roll’s parallelism.
  • Rolls displacement driven by proportional hydraulic distributors.
  • Manual centralized lubrication.
  • 4 grooves at 90 on each lower roll (easy positioning of metal sheet).



Picot Fiche Aeronautique FR
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Options, Accessories

Sheet follower

Jib crane

EasyRoll RCE RCS configuration

Comfort configuration

Comfort+ configuration

Advanced R4C configuration

Standard configuration

Easy upgrade solution