RCS type symmetrical 3-roll hydraulic bending and prebending machines
Power and quality without compromise

This 3 roll plate bending machine is especially good at :

> Cone rolling
> High thickness metal sheets
> Profile bending
> Prebending


> Hydraulic 3 roll rolling machine and prebending machine
3 driven rolls – No lamination
Large space between rolls
Rolls synchronised in speed and position
Prebending of edges without turning the sheet over – Minimum residual flat edges
Easy cone rolling – Calibration
No pit
> No need to turn sheet over for prebending

RCS bending machine model is a 3 roll plate driven symmetrical hydraulic roll bending machine with integrated pre-bending.

It is the most popular bending machine in the sheet metal forming and working factories, especially among sub-contractors. The heat treatment of its rolls permits the rolling of all type of material as steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Thanks to its wide distance between rolls, you can bend profiles or bars of heavy thickness.

As for power, its construction ensures the RCS 3 roll plate bending machine a 15% higher average power for pre-bending compared to a 4 rolls machine of similar capacity available on the market. It was the first hydraulic bending machine launched on the market, as well as the first to be equipped with CNC for the fabrication of unit or serial parts. Since, Amb Picot never stopped improving his numerical control and offers since mid-2017 his patent Easyroll. Thus you can begin in the rolling of sheets without particular experience or skilled operator and answer new markets without any particular difficulties.

Your first part is accurate whitout correction and calibration of material (4 materials delivered in standard).


A few examples of specific applications of the RCS sheet metal bending machine

> Aeronautics for the work of aluminium metal sheets making up the structure of planes of latest generation or these of honeycomb for the reactors
> Aluminium or aluminium composite panels for covering buildings like Reynobond©
> All sort of tanks, particularly with multiple rays shapes
> Buckets for building materials and surfacing with abrasion resistant materials type Hardox or Creusabro
> Bodies of industrial boilers


A strong return on investment for the RCS 3 roll plate bending machine

It is very easy to install the RCS sheet bending machine without pit and the machine is delivered ready for use. In case of a 3 roll plate bendingmachine with numerical control, you get an online access 24h/24h with a free update of the evolutions of the program. As registered training organization in rolling, Amb Picot provides you a training in its factory or in your production premises. Our agents and distributors network, settled in several countries, has the technical service and the spare parts to answer as soon as possible to your needs.

100% hydraulic
Symmetrical bending without turning the sheet over
Bending without lamination
Thin sheet metal (0-3 mm)
High thickness (> 30 mm)
Cone rolling
Profile bending
* hydraulic machines introduced: machines with 3 symmetrical rollers, dual prebending and 4 rollers for high-thickness sheet metal.

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