Die vielseitigste und leistungsstärkste Maschine

Rouleuse croqueuse symétrique RCS AMB Picot


Sicherheit, gesteigerte Produktivität

Standard configuration

  • Motions directly driven by hydraulic distributors with progressive flow, manually operated
  • Drives located on the right frame at the edge of the machine (excellent visual control)

Confort configuration

  • Optimum control of all machine motions (rolls displacement driven by proportional electro-hydraulic distributors)
  • Drives located on a moving control desk (possibility to move around the machine).

Confort + configuration

  • Idem Comfort + NC by teaching
  • Excellent repeatibility of forming by duplication of the process (series).
  • Memory capacity : 500 programs of 50 steps
  • USB flash drive (back-up of programs and parameters)

Configuration RCE RCS Easyroll

  • Easyroll bending assistant (RCE+RCS)
  • Intelligent material data base
  • Spring back calculation
  • Cone bending assistance
  • Assisted conception & .DXF
  • Assisted pre-bending

Safety zone

  • Control of the safety zone around the machine by laser scanners
  • Mandatory for use of the machine in automatic mode (NC).

Plug & play

  • Thanks to the system of connection «Plug and Play», it is not necessary to send back the machine at the manufacturer. The exchange of control desk can be very simply done remotely.

Easy upgrade solution

  • Possibility to move from a simple control with digital displays towards a NC by teaching or NC Touch-screen and Easyroll (for machines equiped with electronic regulation only).

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